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STEPS to enter your Profile/プロフィールページ投稿ステップ

1. Open Profile Template / プロフィールテンプレートを開きます。

2. At the top of the template, find & click the highlighted part shown in the screenshot below.

3. Write the title in following form and submit.
Translator-YOURNAME(in a-z A-Z 0-9)
If your name was サンプル花子, it'll look like this.

4. When you submit the page name, you'll be in the Edit page. Follow the instructions written in the Edit form and fill in the appropriate information to make your profile page. You are free to change layouts.

5. Lastly, add TAG Translator to Tag box and submit.
最後に Translator というタグをタグ欄に追加します。

6. To submit the post, press the button circled in red.