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2009-05-31:First Entry
2009-05-31 22:46:37 (Sun):Last update
Trasnlated by soundares

"And I've just found I'm addicted to you"
"I love the way you feel turn me on more"

Kagamine Lin "in the place to be"
Entangled ring "no doubt turn it up turn it up"

鏡音リン in the place to be
絡まるリング no doubt turn it up turn it up

Hand to hand holding one another Eyes and eyes that go across Can I belive in it? This feeling
Get a hold of me, alright? Please don't take your eyes off (me) Wonderful night is starting now

繋ぎ合う手と手 交差する目と目 信じていいのかなこの気持ち
捕まえていてね 目を離さないで 素敵な夜はこれから始まる

The most cutest girl in the class I spoked to her, and talked her out to get the mail-add(ress)
Darn, am I a bit being phungky ? The road to a fullfilling-real(-life) might be just away?

(As a by-the-way) my face isn't bad, I think I'm smart(=in a way he dress) too, and (I have) safe look
My hight is short but hey I'm under growth. It is now beginning, my (life in) zenith

クラスで一番可愛い子 話して口説いてメアドゲット
やっべ俺ちょっといけてんじゃね? リア充への道も近いんじゃね?
なにげに顔も悪く無いし オシャレだと思うし 無難な容姿 
タッパ低くてもそこは成長期 これから始まる俺の絶頂期

Tho somethings funny going, it's not becoming lovelove-feeling.
(Hello) we're going out aren't we? can't we at least link our arms?
Hey, yo, which way are you looking? Why are you staring that fit lad ovr there?
For real, I don't see it, (she's) like a whimsy cat. Capricious, cute, my lady

なのになんだか様子が変なんだ ラブラブな感じにならないんだ
つか俺ら付き合ってんだよね? 腕くらい組んだっていいんじゃね?
ねね ちょっとどっち向いてるの なんでそこのイケメン見つめてんの
マジわかんねぇ 気まぐれな猫みてぇ 移り気でキュートなマイレディー

Those eyes that stare are reaching (me) straight. I do know you like me.
(Though) I don't know a magic called love, I would be happy if YOU can teach me.
見つめるその目は 真っすぐに届く 君が好きなのは知ってるよ
私は知らない 恋という魔法 君が教えてくれると嬉しいな

"And I've just found I'm addicted to you"
"I love the way you feel turn me on more"

Like, I'm the pretty girl who isn't around here&there. If it's fun,
if I'm asked out(am I?), I'll give (him) OK. Am I flighty?
But he IS shanty(a bit small though) and smart(sometimes child though)
There's not really complaints about them. There isn't anything odd if I fell in love(=well, I could be in love with him).

なんかーそこらにはー居ないよなーアタシは可愛い子 楽しいと
だって可愛いし(ちょっと小さいけど) 頭いいし(たまに子供だけど)
そこには不満は無いんだよね 好きになってもおかしく無いんだよね

But that guy who seem to be able to scold me, this guy who seem to be able to lead me..
This red (destined) string tanged up to one another. I wanna know who is ahead of it.
I want to see him. Will that be you? The rise in my chest(=heart) make me anxious.
To the star that twinkles in the evening, promise it(=that you'll love me forever?) firm please.

でも叱ってくれそなあの人も 引っ張ってくれそなこの人も
もつれ合ってる赤いこの糸の 先に居るのは誰か知りたいよ
会いたいよ それは君なの? この胸の高まりが不安なの
夕暮れに瞬く星に固く 誓ってお願い

繋ぎ合う手と手 交差する目と目 信じていいのかなこの気持ち
捕まえていてね 目を離さないで 素敵な夜はこれから始まる

I don't know what love is, over all most don't understand at this age
but feeling longing to see you grow everytime I want to sing (this), before I back out.
"let me be the one" if you're going out, well, that leaves me right? Flankly speaking.
take it easy on shifting-your-eyes (that way and this way), and come back to me... (it's about time isnt it?)

愛なんて知らないさ 大概この年じゃ大体分からない
でも会いたい気持ちは毎回募る 敗退する前に歌いたい
let me be the one 付き合うなら 俺しかないでしょぶっちゃけたら
目移りすんのも程々に 戻っておいでよそろそろね

Oh what is that, a man who awaits? It won't come into fashion, those ways you are like.
I hate being forced, I want to act as I like.
So I'll come back to you just for a (while), it's because just my mood came that way.
It's no tsundere, what are you saying (on earth)? ok, alright, whatever you like

なにそれちょっと待つ男? 流行んないよ 君のそんなところ
だから戻ってあげるちょっとだけ ただあたしの気分が向いただけ
ツンデレじゃないよ何言ってんの? いいよもう好きにすれば?

While passing one another (again and again) hearts get (gradually) attracted morning, night... it(everything in my head)'s all about you

I won't look aside so, promise me, OK? The love of two is just beginning from now.

すれ違いながら 惹かれてく心 朝も夜も君のことばかり
よそ見しないから 約束してよね ふたりの恋はこれから始まる

"comin' up yo how we wanna know it"
"Go shawty Go shawty we're gonna do it like this"

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  • ;A; It's wonderful! *has loved this song since it was released* And, I know this is off topic, but, soundares, I've been trying to contact you! >< I'm so glad to see that you haven't stopped working; I sent a VERY late reply email but you never replied back either. :( I was very worried. ^^; And I'd still be happy to edit grammar anytime!! Just give me an assignment, and I will finish it as soon as I can! -- (FloatingMist) 2009-06-05 12:49:02