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2009-02-07:First Entry
2009-06-12 19:18:25 (Fri):Last update
Trasnlated by iwashi1024
It's flowing.
Water of a faucet
There is also
no voice in others.
ah- When I was in your side.
I was damaged
I knew that but
I can't stop my self
"Where did you going?" I hear you
Everything should have already been broken!

The tear I overflow is always by same but
My heart isn't accustomed to the pain.
for example, If I can tear your throat.
You are mine, only for me...

ah- I make sure each other.
Even your words.
I can't believe it.
run up, speed of the beating.
I can't suppress it any more!

Even if I ask my brain a response(answer).
My whole body is blocking the all.
Anxiety and vexation, even grief and the misery,
Can I endure those?

Please don't touch my strain thread.
Please don't make them expect by gentle words.
If I was loved you, and I reached my hand out for you
You don't stay here any more

The tear I overflow is always by same
My Heart isn't accustomed to the pain.
I'll tear your throat right now and
make everything only mine...

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