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2010-03-22:First Entry
2010-03-22 08:38:47 (Mon) :Last update
Trasnlated by angelica
Dancing until the morning, it all felt just like a dream
But the bell of the clock undoes this ma~agic
Ambiguous fingertips beckon me towards the staircase
I leap up them, skipping, taking three steps at a time

In a horse-drawn carriage, I was shivering
Ignore these miserable rags and dance regardless all through the night

Look for an unfamiliar face/That stranger whispers softly to you
Grasp your blade’s hilt tightly and thrust as hard as you can/Bringing ruin to everything
Orphans gather inside the castle/Portraying smiles by means of a mask
This untrue compassion is still accepted and/Hides under the wings of seraphim

Ashes of a fire burning red mix with the remains of a pair of glass slippers

At this time I must go home, but I am still shivering
You take a nervous glance towards the clocktower
Kicking off my glass slippers, dancing, running, up the slope
I extend my fingers and put them around his throat

Teardrops fall down her cheeks, I kiss them away
But an impulse ran down my spine to fear her in that very moment

I don’t ever want the bell to ring/I pray it is never rung by you
I knew it was bad; still I shouted, as my right hand/Stabbed him through the heart “adieu”
You could not remove the gunpowder/Perfume which surrounds this lovely princess
Those powerful eyes so easily froze my mask/And put out the fire within me

Even now I can hear the sound of your labored breathing
I stabbed him, I stabbed him, in a distant dream
Through the stained glass windows, the moon is shining so brightly
Like you, its face is draped in a veil

Ripping the dress apart at the knee, abandoning the tiara too
We look at each other, staring in each other’s eyes/And within them a spark ignites
Two lonely souls, burning in the flames, are drawn together inexorably
If it’s impossible to brush away the tears/It’s just like a single person play

Oh, time, stop for us in this moment/I am intoxicated by you
Every one of these wonderful seconds here with you/Makes me want to stick on longer
This glorious warm, wet sensation/Inflames my heart in such a striking way
I am no longer able to move more than this/So it’s almost like a fairy tale

This is NOT a literal translation, but rather deliberately written in such a way that it fits the meter of the original song. (The only exception is the second line, where "magic" takes up three syllables.) In many parts preservation of meaning is sacrificed. In particular the second chorus uses quite a bit of artistic license (the concept of knees is thrown out entirely), but I also think it's the part that sounds the best, so. However, I assure you that it can be sung. Honest, I've tried several times.

If you have any advise or opinion for this post please write here.

  • Thank you for the contribution. This is a singable fan lyric, so could you change the headline to "English lyrics" or "Fan lyrics" for the clarification? -- (damesukekun) 2010-03-22 14:35:10