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2010-04-05:First Entry
2010-04-05 00:30:39 (Mon) :Last update
Trasnlated by angelica
The Romantic Love of a Certain Prostitute
Every day of my life, to live, I am being embraced by a man
I pretend not to feel as he seizes and squeezes me
And yes, if I look close, I know / You are a prostitute too
Spreading apart my legs, my cheeks are drenched from tears

And always the ticks fill / our yellow sheets
The flies scrounge / seeking black blood
That festered in this place / the apricot’s poison being scattered on the roses
I want to murder the men and the others here

The star of everything of the center of this world! / overlooking this crime, lagging
I held all of the clients / red rash grows bad too quickly, please go away
That madam from the room with the mantle gets on my nerves / that voice she uses is acting
I want to escape from this place, which is like a house of pigs / I went insane long before

All night for 2 days / If you live then 3 days
If you shut your mouth and do the mopping, 4 days
Every day five men / that’s how it goes for one month
Uh, well, I did the dusting only six times

We take hands / And go over the mountain
We can board a train / we’ll go together to the town with the beach
But being restrained by black chains and white powder
Things cannot do more than dream

The wind of everything of the center of this world! / the smell of seawater reaching us, lagging
A chestnut flower blossoms, it is proud, here it has room / It lived and actually bore fruit by irregular means, in distorted ways
The dried-up riverbed of the die, I thought / This river continues, it goes on, doesn’t it?
Someday we will escape from this current by the ocean / Wishing these days will pile and rise up like they did once before

What a coincidence; I also did this a while ago as a request for a friend...

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