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2010-04-25:First Entry
2010-04-25 20:51:50 (Sun) :Last update
Trasnlated by angelica
Alice Human Sacrifice
Once upon a time, there was a tiny dream.
Nobody understood who dreamt it, because it was such a tiny dream.
The tiny dream began to think: "I don't want to disappear like this.
How can I make people dream me?"
The little dream thought and thought, and finally had an idea.
"I'll make humans get lost in me, and let them make my world."

The first of the ALICES was a gallant red girl
Holding her sword in one hand, she went through Wonderland
Cutting down more colorful creatures than she could count
The road that was behind her turned bright red in her wake

As for that Alice, she's in the forest
Just like a criminal, she has been all locked away
Besides the path that she made in the forest
There is no way you can know she existed at all.

The second of ALICES was a quite meek blue man
Singing all the songs he knew, he went through Wonderland
Spreading out more lovely notes than he could really count,
The world that he gave birth to had surely gone insane

As for that Alice, he's just like a rose
By a man who had gone mad, he was shot between the eyes
One bright red flower that he made to bloom
He is loved by everyone as he goes off to die

The third of the ALICES was a pretty young girl
With her beautiful figure, she went to Wonderland
Deceiving more people than she really cared to count
She created a very strange country for them all

And that poor Alice was the country's queen
By a very twisted dream, she was rapidly possessed
Becoming so afraid of her decaying body
From the summit of her country she still lives to rule

Somewhat following the small path through the forest
They had a tea party underneath the rosebush
From the palace came a pretty invitation card
The ace of hearts, the trump suit

The fourth of the ALICES were happy twin children
From their curiousity they entered Wonderland
Passing through more doors and gates than they wanted to count,
They had only just recently entered this strange place
With a strong-hearted big sister and her intelligent brother
They were close to being the first of ALICES, but then

Those two people will not ever wake up from their dream
They are doomed to forever wander through Wonderland.

The first part of translation, the part not sung, is almost entirely borrowed from bluepenguin ( Most of the song is my own work, using hers as a crutch to get done faster. The main exceptions: "was a gallant red girl" and "was a quite meek blue man" should really just be, strictly speaking, "gallantly" and "meekly". "Shot between the eyes" is throughly cheating. "Ace" of hearts. And the parts about the counting are a twisting of the word commonly translated "countless", to emphasize how those sentences are similar.Singable! Singable! That's the important thing!

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