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2010-07-14:First Entry
2010-07-15 11:33:43 (Thu):Last update
Trasnlated by soundares
A Robot With Ears

まとめたなら 細かく包んで
影をよけて ここまでおいで

If you've brought them together, wrap them up into pieces.
Then, passing over shadows, come, right up to here.


ゆく先々 たどる道しるべ
たずね歩き ここまでおいで

Every where you head, go ask around for a guidepost to follow,
and come, right up to here.


朽ちた言葉 ねじられた言葉
沈む言葉 それでも綴れ

Decayed words, twisted words,
sinking words-- Even so, spell them out.


ひとつふたつ つらねつながれた
phonemeの列 意図 意味をもて

Lined and joined one, two rows of phonemes;
(Now you shall) Possess an intention and a meaning


隠された マルコフの

under the name of hidden Malcov's maximum-likehood.


恋をして 恋をして 恋をして
ふられ また 捨てられて
過去をみて 枝を切れ
泣きたくなっても まだ N を増やせ

(You shall) Fall in love, fall in love, fall in love,
get turned down, and again, get dumped.
(Though don't stop there.) Look at the past, trim the branches down.
Even if you want to cry, keep adding N.


旅の前に付けた 韻律の
意義はそこに 言葉はどこに

Temperament I have added before the journey;
The meaning of it lies there. Words wherever.


上へ 下へ うねるF0の
カタセシスの ありかをさぐれ

Catathesis of F0 which heaves up and down;
Search for the place of it.


息を切らし 波に乗せられた
パラ言語の 意図 意味を聴け

Gasping for breath,
listen to the intention and the meaning of
paralanguage powered on waves.


息を捨てて 綴られた言葉
うずまきまで たしかに 揺らせ

Discarding breath,
vibrate the spelled words into a convolution for sure.




恋をして 恋をして
飽きられて ふられ また捨てられて
円を描け 赤く塗れ
泣きたくなっても それでも かき集め

(You shall) Fall in love, fall in love.
and (when s/he whom you love get tired of you someday, you'll) get turned down, and get dumped again.
(Though don't stop there.) Write a circle and paint it red.
Even if it makes you feel like crying, even so, scrape it all up.


前を見て 舵を取れ
泣きたくないなら また 歌え歌え
恋をして 恋をして
その過去を 捨てて ここまでおいで

Look forward, take the helm.
If you don't want to cry, then again, sing. Sing.
Fall in love, fall in love and...
Discarding those past, come. Right up to here.

This is the song which I got to know MimiRoboP.
His lyrics tend to relate math to life matters which gives nice positive, touching messages.

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