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2009-01-31:First Entry
2009-03-22 10:49:16 (Sun):Last update
Trasnlated by soundares
Indelible Eyes/Eyes that won't disappear
What? Get your hand off!
You're thinking too much. It's creepy
It's alright I like the present
Yeah, you who's no dog

I became to like you without memories
Because you are extraordinary feeb
I just can't leave you, you know? Shake hands!
I am Rin

Ah! In this world
Ah! We met again
Ah! Hey! Don't look away
Ah! So waffle!(Anger

My memories are back and I can see Russia
Putin sorry to have kept you waiting myao a bit
Just now I managed to come back fine myao
That guy's gone

From now on it's a Sunday I'm dazzling
What do you hope for Please let me hear it
Together with you Sunday. That's my hope
This is the last chance Let me hear your answer myao myao

When memories are back You ought to sing
The song of despair that will end the world
Ronald had fooled us... the hope is now cut off
Should I die alone... It's painful here

Ah, even if we are equal I am at the bottom (of the barrel)
It's not the world we could be satisfied just living

Why are you saying echo echo?
You should only watch me
Alright? I made promise right?
"I will do something about it"

Don't give up, here
Look at me, hey
You're only watching yourself Your eyes are trash
Now you're angry, aren't you? Your eyes still should be able to

Tomorrow, Sunday together. I sure won't let you sleep
Try Taking everything you have on me, look only at me
Together with you, Sunday. That's my hope
This is the last chance. Let me hear you answer, myao myao

If we put hand and hand together, even hearts will melt, so
Feel my happiness and please don't let go myao

Potatoes even as much as I would forget to breath
I will eat them and recall.
Words you had spoken were little and
I would be inside an imagination
I can see you when tommorow come... yeah, like*
Silly as a *pig(Rin). Yes
I can't go back, so
(I'll gladly give that No.1 things, it's yours!)

In a invisible night, an indelible eye
How it'd be better if we couldn't see anything.
To meet you who's invisible,
I dream by my meds.... Ah, feels good*

In a invisible night, an indelible eye
I'm going to quit being an idol
I will eat, much more then how I use to
Potatoes, teriyaki burger!

Riding on a Cessna... flying me... LALALALA Happy* I can't stop now
Shaking heavily,,, I can see the ground... LALALALA Happy* I can't stop now
I see you... the man I like... LALALALA Happy* I can't stop now
LALALALA Happy* I can't stop now
I love you LALALALA Happy* I can't stop now

I can't stop now

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  • 貴重なご指摘ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m -- (soundares) 2009-03-22 10:53:11
  • eye は eyes にした方がいいと思います。 それから、 "豚みたいくだらないわ そう" "Silly as a pig. Yes" 「豚」の部分は実際は「リン」と歌っているので、 翻訳でそれを表現すべきと思います。 -- (BookPeople) 2009-03-21 9:48:02