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■ To Go Back to Top/トップページの戻り方

Push title "VocalidLyrics @ Wiki" and it should get you back to top.
タイトルのVocalidLyrics @ Wikiを押すと戻れるようになっています。

■ How Show-Hide Toggle Item Work/開閉項目の使い方

If you click, this will toggle too.
Most of them are because they are waiting for Entry like example below.
Waiting for Entry...

+This is another type of toggle item/これもタイプの違う開閉項目です
This will toggle too. [-] is opened state. [+] is closed staete.

■ Difference between 2 Search/二つの検索の違い
Search by VidID/動画IDから検索
This will search for the song/translation page by Video ID such as sm123456(NICOVideoID/ニコニコ動画ID)などの動画IDで曲/翻訳ページを探します。
Content Search/内容検索
This is usual search we see every where. It goes through this Wiki looking for pages that used the keywords you have entered. You can use AND and OR features to search.